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We have come a long way Belfast, let’s keep moving forward!

Back in late spring of 2012, I produced a segment about Belfast and Northern Ireland for HDNet, a US cable network. I had the great honour of working on the segment with 2 time Emmy Award winning veteran ABC News war correspondent, Greg Dobbs, and 4 time Emmy award winning videographer, Hank Bargine.

It was a rather poignant return to the Province for Greg as he used to cover The Troubles back in the day for ABC News as he was London based. He found Belfast to have greatly changed in the last twenty years and was suitably impressed. I am only glad that they didn’t come to film the segment two months ago when we were knee deep in flag protests.

We were lucky to have captured Belfast with mostly sunny patches and we were able to fit in some great interviews with the First Minister, Peter Robinson, Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, journalist, Eamonn Mallie, and Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie. The standout star of the show though was Belfast’s best know taxi driver, Billy Scott.

The segment below is not the fully produced final piece, but close enough.


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  1. "A wayfaring American" says:

    Yes, Kathleen. We have indeed come a long way. And the future – perhaps not the too distant one – will shine in ever greater splendour.