Currently residing in Geneva, Switzerland, my media and communications experience over the last 15 years spans both the corporate and non-profit sectors.  As an early adopter of the digital revolution and new media channels, I managed major multimedia internet outreach campaigns while stationed in Washington, DC, between 2004-2010 and championed the integration of effective story-telling on these diverse platforms into my organizations’s communications plans.

I have worked as an independent consultant for international clients over the last 5 years in Belfast and Geneva. My services have been focused on developing and expanding online content media strategies and campaigns for new and established brands through dynamic content websites and online social networks. I specialize in developing and integrating online communications plans with social media platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  I have worked on a number of projects with News Strategies, including the newsroom site for the  Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board. I have facilitated countless workshops and trainings on digital media, and I have guest lectured at the University of Ulster for its Digital Media Communication course.

As a television news and documentary producer, I combine my natural familiarity and extensive contacts in the capitals of Europe and North America to bring efficiency to any production. Check out Media Liaison for more information.

I have lived in a number of countries and am a bilingual Italian/English speaker with fluency in Spanish. Since moving to Geneva in 2014, I finally get to brush up on my high school French!

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