I am passionate about truthful, transparent, humble, and helpful communication. I love helping people and organizations communicate effectively and authentically.

Here are some of the clients I work with:

Zomppa ® is an innovative, 501(c) 3 nonprofit that aims to transform the relationship between food and people through awareness, dialogue, and education. I am responsible for the organization’s entire digital and traditional media activities. I am also the webmaster and one of three content editors for the magazine portion of the website.


ebbf is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to bringing ethical values, personal virtues and moral leadership into our workplaces. I am a member of the organization and work on its international communications team. Much of my focus is on promoting ebbf events on social media.

SecondMuse is a rather unique agency and think tank that inspires innovation. Their process is a unique approach that focuses on the development of innovation through collaborative methods rather than the simple brainstorms of one or two brilliant creatives. I have carried out various creative social media related projects with them for their clients.


HDNet is a coast to coast cable network in the U.S. I have co-produced UK/Ireland segments for their World Report weekly news programme. World Report prides itself for being provocative, sometimes controversial, and always relevant, World Report tells the stories of our time in-depth, with attitude and independence.

I have set up many WordPress websites and social media strategies for smaller organizations and consultancy firms. These include: